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The purpose of the Perry Center is to minister the love of Jesus Christ to single women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy by providing for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs in a residential setting. Jesus is a life-changer. Sometimes we will see the fruits of your labors and sometimes we are seed planters and never see the harvest.


This is a faith ministry. God is our provision and our strength. No matter how severe the problem or difficult the background may be, Jesus can heal the wounds and create a new and whole person in His name.

The commitment of the people who work for the ministry must be one of total giving. They must believe that God can supply all their needs. They must also believe that God can supply the total needs of the ministry.

The Perry Center is a ND licensed nondenominational Christian home that serves young women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy between ages 12-23 years. The women can enter the program at anytime in their pregnancy and may stay up to 6 months after their child is born.

As a program each resident is required to attend high school or work on completing a GED. If they have completed high school then they are required to work or volunteer a few hours each week.

The Perry Center has regular classes that include but are not limited to: Decisionmaking, Nutrition, Parenting vs. Adoption, Parenting, How to Really Love Your Child, Breastfeeding, etc. as well as a weekly bible study. We also provide one-on-one counseling assisting the young women with family issues and plans for their future.

Each young woman has regularly assigned household chores and attends church each Sunday. A Big Sister that is a volunteer is assgined to each resident as a mentor and positive relationship during her stay. (See our website for a full description of their activities.)

Occasionally, The Perry Center accepts a young woman who has already delivered her child but is struggling with parenting issues and her child is in fostercare. During her stay with us we work with social services on parenting issues and supervising visits with her child while working towards the goal of re-uniting them.

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Patricia Larson
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6-10 board members
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Board Members

Joe Larson, President
  Erin Lundby,Vice President
Shawna Croaker, Secretary
                              , Treasurer
Ben Larson
Laura Gardner
Sharon Fritz