Caring for Children


The mission of Caring for Children is to identify and enroll eligible uninsured children from North Dakota, linking them to participating health care providers who will give them the primary and preventive health and dental care they need, so that all children will have a healthy start and healthy future.


Caring for Children provides access to *FREE primary and preventive medical, dental and mental health care services for eligible uninsured North Dakota children, from birth up to age 19, whose families do not qualify for government-funded programs, yet cannot afford to purchase private insurance. These are children from families whose income falls within 161% - 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. (*There is a $3.00 co-pay for restorative dental care).

Services provided include physician office visits, well child check-ups, routine immunizations, preventive dental services, mental health treatment and limited emergency, inpatient and outpatient hospital care.

The North Dakota Caring Foundation, established in 1989 by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, helps children get the care they need through our Caring for Children program. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota pays all administrative costs of the program as an in-kind donation.

100% of all donations go directly to provide access to primary and preventive medical and dental care, for enrolled children.

One of our goals is to find and enroll all eligible uninsured children in our state. We monitor this through our monthly enrollment reports. Another important goal and outcome is increased wellness of North Dakota children and peace of mind for the parents. We montior this through annual family/member surveys, verbal feedback, enrollment and utilization of services.

Organization Info

Executive Director
Pam Gulleson
1 part-time
1 full-time
Board Members and Affiliations
6 Board Members
Year Formed
July 1988
Counties Served
Adams, ND
Barnes, ND
Benson, ND
Billings, ND
Bottineau, ND
Bowman, ND
Burke, ND
Burleigh, ND
Cass, ND
Cavalier, ND
Dickey, ND
Divide, ND
Dunn, ND
Eddy, ND
Emmons, ND
Foster, ND
Golden Valley, ND
Grand Forks, ND
Grant, ND
Griggs, ND
Hettinger, ND
Kidder, ND
LaMoure, ND
Logan, ND
McHenry, ND
McIntosh, ND
McKenzie, ND
McLean, ND
Mercer, ND
Morton, ND
Mountrail, ND
Nelson, ND
Oliver, ND
Pembina, ND
Pierce, ND
Ramsey, ND
Ransom, ND
Renville, ND
Richland, ND
Rolette, ND
Sargent, ND
Sheridan, ND
Sioux, ND
Slope, ND
Stark, ND
Steele, ND
Stutsman, ND
Towner, ND
Traill, ND
Walsh, ND
Ward, ND
Wells, ND
Williams, ND
Meeting Frequency
Biannual Board Meetings
Tax-Exempt Organization Type
IRS Exemption Letter

Financial Info

Organization Files Form 990
Top Three Funding Sources
United Way Agencies in North Dakota; Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota/Noridian & CoreLink Employees; Dakota Medical Foundation
Last Financial Audit
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Contact Info

Street Address
4510 13th Avenue South
Fargo, North Dakota (ND) 58121
Mailing Address
4510 13th Avenue South
Fargo, North Dakota (ND) 58121
(701) 282-1102
(701) 282-1102
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Board Members

Paul von Ebers, President & CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (Fargo)

Tim Huckle, COO of Health Operations for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (Fargo)

Gary Miller, President & CEO of St. Alexius Medical Center (Bismarck)

Mike Odegaard, Project Coordinator of Tooz Construction Inc. (Dickinson)

Brent Holman, DDS, Pediatric Dentist (Fargo)

Jodi L. Atkinson, President & CEO
of St. Andrew's Health Center and Clinic (Bottineau)